Orange Slice Clutch

Summer is supposedly here and when the sun comes out I always find myself reaching for smaller bags than my usual Autumn Winter suitcases. I have a few favourites and they’re all quite teeny and I can just about fit my purse, phone and powder in there, but that’s all you really need for summer days isn’t it?

The most recent addition to my summer bag wardrobe is this amazing bold orange slice clutch from New Look. I believe they have a lemon one too if orange isn’t your thing! I think it’s so cute and novel and an amazing wardrobe update for just under a tenner. Bargain and fruity, what more could you need from a bag? I’m definitely going to pop this in an outfit post soon, when I’ve remembered which suitcases I’ve packed what into!

Screenshot 2014-05-27 10.26.32 Screenshot 2014-05-27 10.26.24
New Look Orange Slice Clutch – £9.99*

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