3 Apps to Plan Your Perfect Wedding!

Wedding planning is one of those things that all girls dream about for years and years and I’ve been a keen Pinterest-er for a while now, just collection images that I like, inspiration and other bits and bobs just to keep in stock for when that day happens. Sceptics think it’s being premature and it’s a bit weird! But I think it’s totally OK to just grab photos and keep them all together for when that day comes. You need to be able to visualise what you like and what’s available to you! So, that’s why I’ve put together a tiny post about three of the best websites (who all have apps!) that are great for wedding planning and I hope someone finds them useful!

1. Pinterest
Of course, this is my first port of call for anything inspiration-wise. Be it recipes, style or beauty tips, Pinterest is the haven of all things creative so it’s the perfect place to go to waste a few hours scrolling and pinning some of the prettiest pictures you’ll ever see. Below is my little mood board of some of the things I’m really loving at the moment. I really like the purple and deep pink colours as well as the slightly ‘hand-made’ but not shabby chic look of the cardboard and stamps. And of course, you can’t have a wedding without starting the day off with a Starbucks!


Check out my Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board if you need any more inspiration!

2. Ring Research & Personalisation – Anjolee
Anjolee are a beautiful jewellery company who give you the option to customise your ring dependant on style, taste and budget with their handy app! Customisation is also available online, there’s a carat/price chart too which is really helpful if you’re on a budget. They also specialise in bracelets, necklaces and earrings as well as wedding & anniversary jewellery. I’ve picked my favourite piece from the site to share with you in this post, the Six Prong Solitare Ring. If you’re after a stunning diamond eternity band you’re in the right place! Anjolee are based in the US so if you are going to use them, it’s wise to remember shipping costs & times!

 photo MW_ms119a_shiny_w_mnnn_zpsd9352a5d.jpg
Check this handy chart out!

 photo Screenshot2014-09-02205902_zpsadc6174f.png

3. Lover.ly
The planning app, website and blog is a super clever little place where you can search through retailers, images and products and keep them all in one place to refer back to. You can search things by colour, product or can even go through to blogs that they’re loving. You can also create ‘Bundles’ of items, images and other bits and bobs that you like to visit back, a bit like Pinterest but purely for weddings! You can browse other people’s bundles too. There is a ‘loves’ section which works just like liking a Facebook post but once you’ve ‘loved’ a post it automatically saves into a folder. Lover.ly feature themes on their homepage that are trending such as sunflower arrangements, beautiful wedding backs and cupcakes. There is even the option to upload your own photographs and images, so if you see a pretty flower arrangement when you’re out and about just snap it and add it to your bundle! No more losing images in the mountains of photos we all have saved in our camera rolls.

 photo Untitled-2_zpsc8d6dca3.jpg

They also have an awesome blog – one of my favourite posts is this one which is full of funny gifs all about the questions that newly-weds get asked a lot, namely when they’re going to have kids! If you’re a newly-wed, I’m sure you’ll find this one funny.

You can sign up for Lover.ly even if you aren’t getting married, they have a ‘ready for a ring’ option when you’re signing up and there’s an easy log in via Facebook option. All in all it’s a super easy and useful piece of kit to have if you’re planning the wedding of a lifetime.

I hope this post was useful for anyone planning a wedding! Let me know what you thought in the comments.


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