Holiday Style Inspiration

Today’s post is coming at you scheduled in as I’m currently in sunny Portugal with my boyfriend and the in-laws, hopefully having an amazing time. The only issues I had with going on holiday were, a) I’m terrible at packing and b) I’m terrible at outfit planning and you kind of need to be able to do both to go on holiday when you’re trying to pack light! We do that penny saving thing of only taking hand-luggage which is an awesome idea and it also makes you take less stuff and really think through what you’re going to wear. Hopefully I’ll have a holiday style diary to share with you guys next week when I’m back because I have meticulously planned my evening outfits!

The first place I knew I had to start when looking for holiday style inspiration is Wearing it Today – my favourite blog! Laura was the Fashion Ed of Red Magazine and always did an awesome job so pair that with her effortless style and the fact that she’s Italian and spends loads of time in the sun, I knew I had to grab some inspo from her! See below some of my favourite holiday outfits with some other stripy bits of inspiration from Pinterest. I hope you like it. Here’s to clutching onto the last bit of summer!


photo 4-2

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