The Time When Jim's Smokehouse Redeemed Itself

I’m sure you’ve all read my scathing review of the new Low n Slow Smokehouse in Nottingham – Jim’s Smokehouse. If not, you can read it here!¬†Anyway, it was completely truthful and I meant every word because it was truly awful and I didn’t have a nice time. But, I appreciated that it was a very busy night for them and they were probably overwhelmed by the whole ordeal BUT that is no excuse for poor quality meat and bad cooking.

Anyway, moving on. The guys at Jim’s sent me an email when they saw the review and asked if I’d like to head down to try their full menu and see if I felt like it had improved. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing because I didn’t want to sit through another grim meal in an uncomfortable atmosphere. In the end, Luke and I decided we’d pop along to give them the benefit of the doubt and give it a go. They promised that it would be the full menu and that they were sure we’d enjoy it!

We arrived and there was no horrific loud band and that made a world of difference as they were so distracting last time! There was just subtle background music and the restaurant was a lot warmer than it was the first time that we ate there. We were sat on comfier seats, I’m expecting that this was on purpose, but it was lovely all the same. We had a large table and comfy seats and we were attended to by the same waitress that served us last time but she seemed a lot more comfortable which was nice to see.


Budweisers in hand, we had a look at the full menu which wasn’t huge, (a good thing to see) and picked out some Nachos with Chilli Beans and two Wild West Burgers which include a piece of beef brisket, pulled pork, bacon, onion rings, onions, salad and cheese. Sounds mega, it was pretty good. We really enjoyed the nachos, they were crispy but the toppings were a little on the light side. There was a fair bit on the top, but once you’ve eaten the top 3 nachos, you’ve got no topping left! I would have preferred a larger portion, I feel that this wasn’t a lot for the ¬£3.95 menu price as nachos are one of the cheapest things to make and there was no meat in this. Overall, though they were tasty and I enjoyed them. I’d order them again if I went but I’d want a larger portion for my money.

Moving on to the burger! The burger meat itself was really great, I enjoyed the burger loads. I took off all of the onions and the beef brisket (that I’m still not keen on) and the salad which was a bit limp and cheap iceberg/soggy tomato. The onion rings were nice but quite small and went soggy super quickly because they were in with the burger and the other wet onions. The bun was great, a million miles away from the last buns that we were served at Jim’s! The bacon on the burger was nice but the cheese was a limited some what! Overall I really enjoyed the burger once I’d adapted how I wanted to eat it and I’d eat it again.

The burger was served with chips, which were fine if not on the cold side slightly and there was no salt on the table. It was also served with the home-made slaw which I don’t like as it’s just chopped up veg and cabbage, but I suppose it was the classic way of making slaw but if I’m honest I need a little mayo with my cole-slaw.

This time around, I’d give Jim’s Smokehouse 6 out of 10 for the overall experience. I’m really glad that I went back and gave it another go because I was pleasantly surprised and the food was a lot better!


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