Wish List – The Pandora Edit

It’s about to hit November and people will soon begin to lose their minds over the excitement and stress of Christmas! It’s true, it happens to the best of us, I’ve just been reminded that it’s only 58 days until the big day, how did this happen!? I don’t even have a single clue what I want for Christmas right now, let alone what I’m going to buy for anyone else! But to give a little helping hand to those awesome people who are on the ball and already Christmas shopping (you’re amazing!) I’ve picked out my top 5 pieces for thoughtful Christmas gifts from Gift & Wrap‘s Pandora range. (I also like all of these pieces, FYI any one who’d LOVE to buy me a pretty Christmas present!)

First up in this post is Pandora’s stunning twisted silver 14ct gold & black diamond ring. This is the most expensive piece from my edit, but at £170.00 it’s a lovely treat present and they probably won’t expect much else! It’s 14ct gold and has the cutest little black diamonds embedded in it. I really like it because it reminds me of a skeleton! (Really cool for Halloween too!)
PandoraI really like the Pandora 21cm Bangle Bracelet, I much prefer the stiff bangle effect of these in comparison to the usual Pandora thick but floppy style of bracelet. I wouldn’t add any charms to this myself as I think it’s really striking and pretty just as it is. At only £55.00 this is a great price for such a pretty bangle. On to the third piece that I really like from Pandora, their Shining Midnight Crystal ring is super striking and it’s an awesome costume jewellery piece, the dark blue stone is really different. Next up is Pandora’s Thin Clear Eternity ring, this is unusual for me as I normally like quite large rings and watches as I’m not a dainty person but I think this is really pretty, it only has cubic zirconia, not diamonds but it’s really sweet. This ring also comes in pink and purple.

Finally, the Entwining Silver rings piece is really similar to my first choice as it’s quite a chunky piece but it’s great if the person you’re gifting loves a bit of sparkle in their everyday fashion choices. I think it’s really tasteful as well as being sparkly, which is quite hard to do but Pandora have nailed it! I hope this post was useful if you’ve got jewellery-loving girlfriends, sisters, mums or friends to buy for this Christmas! I’m off to start my Christmas list!

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