Getting Ready for Girls Night with I Heart Wines

You know what the best deliveries are? WINE DELIVERIES! I Heart Wines were kind enough to send me this little taster pack of their wine selection to see what I thought. I’m saving them up for a little wine & cheese night with the girls so I can’t wait for that.

What’s great about these baby-bottles of wine is that you don’t have to waste any! I love a glass of wine but I never buy a whole bottle unless we’re having a get together because I won’t get through the whole thing. They also sent the cutest Boomf marshmallows with their logo on which was a really nice touch. I Heart Wines are currently re-doing their website so I’ll be excited to see that when it goes live.

I Heart Wines are a company for people that know which wines they like, they’re stocked in loads of pubs, hotels and supermarkets like Tesco. I’m most excited about the Sauvignon Blanc but they also do Prosecco, I need to get my hands on that.

 photo IMG_8113_zps0wffjblh.jpg

 photo IMG_8119_zpsuel1kaph.jpg

 photo IMG_8122_zpsygvu61wl.jpg

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