How's Your Work/Life Balance?

Work/life balance is a crazy thing. Everyone will always have a different opinion on it and it’s interesting to see where you naturally fall. This quick quiz is the perfect way to find out whether you’re a separator, integrator or volleyer and how it affects you. I gave it a go!

Untitled-1Work – according to my Instagram revolves around coffee runs…

I ended up with mostly B & mostly C as I had four of each an only two letter A answers! This means I’m half an integrator and half a volleyer when it comes to work/life balancing. But, reading them I feel like I’m probably more of a volleyer than an integrator. This means that I’m good at prioritising and I’m in-between the other two options, so I’m neither totally separate from my work at home or vice versa and I’m not totally absorbed by it. This is probably pretty true! If there’s something mega important happening at either I probably do pay more attention to that at the time but make sure that the other is not neglected. Sometimes, however I can feel like I’m ‘flitting between the two’ as the quiz says, so it can be hard to take control – maybe this is where I get stressed out too much! This is a really interesting little quiz, give it a go and see where you stand.

It’s definitely shown me where I maybe have a problem or two with separating things completely, which has been helpful. I’ve actually just started trying to use the Headspace app everyday to give myself a bit more ‘me-time’ – so bye bye stress! Hopefully.

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