The Best Beaches in Britain?

Now we all love a beach getaway, I know I do! But sometimes there just isn’t the time or the money to be jetting overseas to a nice sandy beach. According to and their recent survey, the UK’s top 3 beaches are Blackpool coming in first, with Brighton in close succession and Bournemouth in third. There were a whole load of other beaches in this survey of course but these three came out top!

I did a little post a few weeks ago about my top 4 things to do in Blackpool but I have to say my favourite beach out of these three is Bournemouth! I love the bright beach huts, they’re just so cute. I haven’t actually been to Brighton but I’ve heard it’s pretty cool, if anyone has any recommendations for Brighton, definitely let me know.

What’s your top UK beach?

Image c/o Siobhan Johnstone

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