4 Cute & Creative Ways to Personalise Your Wedding

Weddings are one of my favourite subjects! I love Don’t Tell the Bride and I’ve got a Pinterest board in the making ready for the big day itself! It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life so it’s frightening when you hear how stressful it is to plan. Even if the stress will be worth it in the end, you don’t want to have a breakdown trying to get there. There are so many ways you can add a personal touch to your big day and I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favourites. Plus, I did a post a few months back about three apps to make the planning so much easier – check it out!

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Your invites are going to be the first thing that most people see and hear about the wedding and are your first opportunity to make an impression. If you want to make your own, Pinterest is a great place to start looking for ideas but if you’d prefer to have your invites printed sites like Paper Themes are perfect. There are loads of designs ranging from vintage to modern and you can choose the wording and layout. Plus, you can order free samples from a lot of suppliers (maybe just order free samples from 50 different places and you’re set if you don’t mind mis-matched invites!)

Write Your Own Vows

Some people want to stick with fairly traditional vows. But other couples want to be more personal. If you write your own vows, you have the chance to say all the things you want to say out loud. It makes the ceremony romantic and touching – but I think it sounds incredibly difficult! It’s a lovely thing to do, but a lot of people would struggle to say everything they wanted to. I would only recommend doing it if you think you have a way with words. Otherwise, find a poem or piece of text that says everything for you.

Create Your Own Brand
It might make your wedding seem a bit clinical and business-like, but you can think of your wedding as a business event. You want everyone to remember it, so build a theme around your “brand” – or you as a couple. Think of things that represent both of you and you can work out how you can express yourselves through the wedding. One thing you can do is create a signature item that symbolises the event. And maybe it can be something that your guests can take home. I love the idea of a special cocktail, a custom fragrance or a candle for each guest to keep.

Get Your Guests Involved
You want your guests to have a great time,  so some personal touches for them will make them smile. There are so many things you can do, from setting up a cupcake decorating station to leaving them notes at their tables. Get them involved in your big day, as people participating and not just watching. I also love the idea of creating a hashtag and getting all your guests to use it when they Instagram or Tweet about the big day. Make sure that it’s really distinct and there isn’t already a hashtag the same out there as it’ll be easier to track when you’re done.

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