I’ve Always Got Time for Pizza

From a healthy-eating post on Monday to a not-so-healthy eating review today! I love pizza. I will never give it up, sorry clean-eating me, it won’t happen. When Chicago Town sent me a few vouchers to pick up their latest range of pizza-inventions I was straight down to Tesco picking up these badboys. First up, the Pizza-Melt, I have a bone to pick with them about this though, I expected (maybe naively) for the pack to have two of these pizza melts in but it actually only had one. They were obviously really tasty, we tried the pepperoni, ham & mushroom variety and they were a nice little Sunday afternoon snack! We also went for the classic Deep Dish mini pizzas which microwave in a diet-cheating 3 minutes and they were also amazingly tasty! Check them out if you’re after a seriously quick and yummy cheat meal.

Screenshot 2015-07-11 17.19.09

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  1. If I had to live off one meal for the rest of my life, pizza would be it! I love the microwave deep dish Chicago Town pizzas, they’re an oh so guilty pleasure that’s for sure! They’re just so quick and easy, perfect if you’re rushing out the door and need a quick snack! They also serve as ideal emergency friends have come round and want something to eat and I have nothing else in – food haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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