Harvester Review: Nottingham

We popped down to the Castle Marina branch of Harvester last weekend for a little Sunday munchies action after I was invited for a review. Here’s what we thought of our meal! This was the first time either of us had eaten at a Harvester so we didn’t really know what to expect. We’d never really had the urge to eat there in the past to be honest as there’s one in Nottingham town centre but as it’s around the same price points as a lot of other eateries, there’s always somewhere else we’ve chosen. Let’s see what we had!

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There’s a free salad bar! I’d heard about this, of course. It’s similar to the ones you get at Pizza Hut – there’s unlimited salad free with every meal. We did think that if you actually wanted a low-calorie meal, this could be a good place to come if you just ordered one of their half rotisserie chickens and went in on the free salad!

To start I had ‘Crackerjack Spicy Prawns’ that were served with a chilli dipping sauce. These were nice but they tasted a little bit over-fried. I liked them though, I always like deep-fried sea food! Luke had the Chicken & Chorizo Skewers, but when they arrived it was just two pieces of chorizo and a small piece of chicken thigh on a plate – I mean, how hard is it to actually put something on a skewer as it’s described on a menu? We weren’t very impressed with this but Luke said it tasted nice, which I suppose is the main thing.

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I decided to go for the Harvester Fully Loaded Veggie Burger as I fancied something a little different. The burger itself was butternut squash and chickpea and was actually really yummy. Again, it was a bit over-fried so tasted a bit oily on the outside but I enjoyed it. It was supposed to be served with 3 bean chilli on top and Monterey Jack cheese. There was hardly any chilli and I think it was just plain cheddar to be honest. I also didn’t like the burger buns, they were way too thick and the giant pepper on top was just ugly and dripping with oil. The chips and onion rings were fine, just standard issue pub grub, on the plus side there was loads of onion rings in the side dish! Luke had the Beef Fully Loaded burger which came with slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese & onion rings. He said the overall flavour was fine, but it was no where near the burgers that we’re used to from Red’s True BBQ or Annie’s Burger Shack.

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Of course, desserts were the best – they always are. I had a vanilla ice-cream sundae with raspberry sauce and mini Smarties! Luke had the awesome Oreo® Cookies & Cream Sundae which was Oreo crumb, drizzled with Belgian chocolate & Devon cream toffee sauces, topped with fluffy cream and a crisp wafer. He loved it! Harvester is definitely the place to go if you’re after an epic dessert.

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