The American Dream with #SantanderStaycation

This week commencing the 27th July is the most popular holiday week for us Brits! Santander 123 credit card have been doing some summer research into the real cost of holidays and have found that the average daily spend on a holiday to Barbados (NOT including the hotel) is £109! Poland and India have come out cheapest with an average daily spend of just £30! Also, with paying for holidays 60% of us use cash or current accounts, 30% dip into their savings, 18% use a credit card and 8% take a loan or receive money from friends/family.

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To celebrate this week, Santander challenged me to host a mini dinner party based on a region of my choice. We decided on an American theme and went for classic chicken wings with some bacon and cheese loaded fries! We made some BBQ sauce covered wings and some Southern Fried style crispy wings – they were pretty nice. It was awesome to have chicken wings at home and not have to worry about other people looking at you in Hooters with BBQ sauce all over your face. Our loaded fries were topped with cheddar and Jarlsberg cheese – our favourite and a little bacon.

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To start we had a few tortilla chips and some amazing chilli cheese dip which is available from Morrisons, I’d check that out if you’re into your Tex Mex food, it was tasty. Of course, we had Budweiser, which is actually one four favourite beers anyway and we finished off with some amazing Reese’s Pieces brownies and vanilla ice cream.

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Santander are letting us holiday-makers know about the benefits of using a credit card to spread the cost of a holiday. If you’re looking to spread the cost of a holiday it’s worth considering paying by credit card.  One of the main benefits is that your purchase, if it’s between £100 and £30,000, is protected by law should anything go wrong with your airline or hotel company, which is really handy. The Santander 123 credit card provides also 1% cashback at supermarkets, 2% cashback at department stores and 3% cashback at petrol stations and national rail!

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