9 Fragrance Hacks To Keep You Smelling Great For Longer

Choosing the perfect fragrance isn’t easy. It can’t be selected by the size that fits best around your hips or by matching it to your skin tone. It is a meticulous process requiring a substantial amount of both time and wafting! And once you’ve finally committed to a scent, you can only hope that it then commits to you.

Too often your favourite scents are nowhere to be smelled by as early as lunchtime. Luckily, there are ways around this to extend the life of your fragrances. How you store your perfumes, when and where you apply them, and the conditions of your skin all play a role in helping you smell amazing all day long.


Where you store your fragrances can determine their lifespans. It is the delicate combination of aroma chemicals and other natural and synthetic ingredients that give each scent its unique identity and storing perfume bottles in bright, warm, humid environments (the bathroom for instance) can cause these ingredients to break down, shortening the lifespan of your scent.

  1. Store your perfume bottles in cool, dry, dark environments such as a dresser drawer to increase the longevity of your products.
  2. Save the original packaging and keep your bottles tucked inside the boxes they came in.

When you apply your fragrances also determines how long your favourite scent will linger.

3. Because fragrances tend to adhere better to moist skin, apply perfume immediately after showering and before getting dressed. The moisture on your skin combined with your open pores will hold the scents longer than if your skin was dry.

4. Store your perfume in your underwear drawer. Since that is probably the first thing you put on after showering, it is an easy reminder to spritz yourself first. Bonus: The dark drawer keeps your fragrances safe.

Skin Condition
As previously mentioned, fragrances last longer when applied to moist skin. Dry skin is not the optimal condition for maintaining your expensive scent therefore those with oily complexions may notice their perfumes sticking around longer.

5. If this does not apply to you, use an unscented body lotion before applying your scent.

6. Rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your pulse points. This ointment like Vaseline helps hold the fragrance to your skin throughout the day, not to mention you probably already have it in your house so you don’t have to go spending more money to smell good.


Before pulling out the Vaseline, learn where it’s best applied. Pulse points are the areas of your body where your blood vessels are closest to the skin, radiating heat, and therefore sending your scent flowing from your skin. Spraying your fragrances on these points will make a noticeable difference in how long your favourite perfumes hang around.

7. We all know about the neck, wrists, and the spot behind the ear, but you can also spritz your fragrances inside your elbow, on your ankle, and behind your knee.

8. Do not rub your wrists together! Despite what you learned early on, rubbing your perfumed wrists together will prematurely weaken your fragrance.

9. What is the warmest part of your body? Your head! Spray your perfume on your hairbrush before brushing your hair for a light scent that will last all day.

You spent a lot of time choosing your perfect scent so make sure it spends as much time as possible with you. Follow these easy fragrance hacks and you can double the life of your favourite perfume and smell amazing for longer.

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