Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Awards; WIN £1,500 For Your School

This is a great little guest post from Kellogg’s all about their Breakfast Clubs and how schools could win £1,500 for their own clubs. I took advantage of these great clubs when I was tiny and I think every school should have a breakfast club! Thanks, Kellogg’s!

Schools could win up to £1,500 and other great prizes for their pre-school club by entering the national Breakfast Club Awards. 85% of schools in the UK have a Breakfast Club which gives schoolchildren the opportunity to get something to eat in the morning so they go into the classroom with a full tummy and ready to learn.

The Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Awards recognises these great clubs that are running every morning across the UK and the people that make them happen.

A specialist panel of experts has been hand-picked to judge the awards and winner and runners up will be announced via a web broadcast on 9 November, by the star of Educating Yorkshire, Matt Burton.

Each winning school will receive £1,500 for its Breakfast Club, with runners up winning £500 and the 2015 Breakfast Club Awards Grand Winner receiving £2,000. Winners will also be invited to attend an awards ceremony in The Houses of Parliament. Tonnes of other prizes will be given away too including George ASDA school uniforms and Hasbro Gaming Bundles for winners and runners up.

Lindsay Graham, School Food and Health Advisor said: “Breakfast Clubs support working parents, feed hungry children, offer opportunities to extend informal learning with activities and socialisation.  I am really looking forward to seeing this year’s entries and would encourage schools and community groups to enter and share their stories about their Breakfast Clubs.

This year we’re asking schools to nominate their club for our Breakfast Club Awards, which hope to find the best clubs in the country. Kellogg’s supports 2,500 breakfast clubs across the UK with training, cereal donations and funding so that schools can run a sustainable pre-school club. To find out more about each of the categories, see below or to submit a Breakfast Club entry, visit: Entries close on 12th October – hurry!

There are six categories to choose from:

  1. Promoting a healthy lifestyle (1x winner, 1x runner up)
  2. Community involvement (1x winner, 1x runner up)
  3. Extra Learning (1x winner, 1x runner up)
  4. Long life and sustainability (1x winner, 1x runner up)
  5. Breakfast Club Hero (1x winner)
  6. Best Breakfast Club in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland (1 winner per region plus ONE Grand Winner)

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