Autumn Blooms with Blossoming Gifts + 33% Off Bouquets!

Blossoming Gifts is a great place to get cheap flowers that are still in beautiful bouquets and perfect for presents! They kindly send me the Autumn Haze bouquet to review as a ‘welcome to autumn’ gift. It’s really nice now the leaves are crunchy and it’s not too chilly but tights are a welcome wardrobe addition. I really like autumn, summer isn’t my favourite because I always get too hot and the winter is just too cold!

This pretty bouquet is really brightening up my desk area. I love to have fresh flowers around and have recently starting using my office for what it’s supposed to be used for – blogging! It’s really motivational to have something pretty inviting you into an office.

Flower delivery is a really great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas and even if you just fancy giving someone a nice surprise! PLUS you guys can use the code BGIFTS33 to receive 33% of a bouquet. This doesn’t work on the ‘Flowers By Post’ but this is only a tiny segment so there’s plenty more to choose from. You’re welcome!

 photo IMG_8366_zpsyq4d8ebi.jpg

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