Top Tips for Girls Who Hate Cars (But Still Have to Drive!)

As much as I’m all for being strong independent women and all that there’s one thing that I’m pretty useless at. Cars. Simply put, I’m not bothered. It can get me from A to B and I probably won’t wash it or clean it out (gross) until it’s literally awful. This was what I was like with my first car, I loved him, don’t get me wrong but he served a purpose and was pretty minging by the end.

Now, I share a car with my boyfriend and it’s time for me to get my act together about them. I shouldn’t leave all the ‘bloke stuff’ to him because a) it’s not fair and b) I really should learn! Here’s a few top tips that I’ve learnt on my journey of car knowledge over the past two years.

  1. Take Someone With You
    Whenever possible, when buying a car (not from a dealership) and when getting it serviced or any work done, take someone with you who knows what they’re talking about. It sucks but if you do come across like you don’t have a clue (like moi) you could get ripped off. Plus, always check stuff out online if you can. With helpful sites like Tyre Shopper and you can find price-matched tyres and your local tyre fitters listed, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from your local garage.
  2. Keep On Top Of It
    Like, all of it. From tyres to windscreen chips to brake lights that are out, they can all accumulate and you could end up shelling out a lot of money at one time. Sorting problems when they occur is the easiest way to keep things running smoothly.Screenshot 2015-10-11 18.17.12
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  3. Do The Checks!
    This was definitely my short-fall when I looked after my own car, I rarely checked and changed the oil and water levels under the bonnet. Which meant I over-heated and had other problems a lot!
  4. Learn The Basics
    Even if it’s going to be the most boring hour of your life, ask your dad, brother, boyfriend, grandad, neighbour, whoever, to teach you the basics of what to do to maintain your car. You’ll soon pick it up, I mean you don’t have to be taught how to contour or apply mascara now, car maintenance will soon become second nature too.
  5. Keep It Clean
    Just get an air freshener at least!

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