Top Tips For Saving Money on Hair & Beauty

As a chick, hair and beauty is one of the things I spend a lot of my hard-earned money on because a) being a blogger it’s something I enjoy and b) I’m quite a girly-girl at heart and do like to look my best when I can! Obviously we all like to save a bit of dollar wherever we can so here’s a few tips & tricks for saving some pennies on our beloved beauty items.

1. Loyalty Card Points

Obviously you have to spend money to get there but whilst picking up the essentials like cotton wool, shampoo and razors at places like Boots and Superdrug you can rack up the loyalty points in time for special occasions. Blow your loyalty points on luxury items like that YSL lipstick you’ve been eyeing up or a new perfume for a new season. This is a great way to treat yourself with rewards that you’ve actually earned!

2. Bulk Buy

With everything from food to cleaning supplies, bulk buying is a great way to save money, this is a classic one. When you find a shampoo, conditioner or shower gel you particularly love find a beauty wholesaler and pick up mega bottles for great value prices. You’ll be surprised how long these massive bottles last, especially if you only wash your hair every other day or even less.


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3. Swap & Share

This is a top tip if you’re at uni or you have sisters or housemates that like the same products that you do, even a boyfriend if he likes to use your fancy products! Have you ever bought a product that didn’t really work for you? Try and give it away, sell it to a friend for less or swap it for something that you really will use. Or, if you know that you and your housemate like the same shower gel or shampoo, take it in turns to buy it or split the cost, you’ll have to buy it more often but it’ll feel like you’re spending more. Plus you won’t have to shell out double the cost at one time.

4. Discount Codes

Search online before you buy and sign up to mailing lists. I know Lookfantastic send out a lot of 20% off codes!

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