6 Ways to Involve Little Ones In Wedding Celebrations

Some people dread the thought of having children at their wedding, while others welcome it but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into the ceremony and reception. If you’re currently dealing with this dilemma, I’ve got some great suggestions on how you can include children on your special day while making them a part of the whole day.

Kids need a mission. If they have a mission, something to do or a task to complete, they’ll feel important and motivated to be a part of the ceremony. 

Task 1: Wedding Ushers and Greeters

Your guests will love being greeted by an adorable munchkin and those that know them will enjoy having a chat with them as they are escorted to their seats. Those guests who don’t know their miniature usher will get to know them, as well as give the child a chance to practice their small talk skills.

Task 2: Master of the Gifts

Put a couple of responsible kids in charge of collecting wedding gifts from the guests that show up with presents in hand. These kids’ responsibility will be to take the gifts to a safe area or designated gift table.

Task 3: Micro-Photographers

Let the kids tap into their artistic sides by giving them each a disposable camera and having them take pictures at the reception.

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Task 4: Scavenger Hunt

This one isn’t so much a task for the wedding as it is a fun break from wedding duties. Give the kids a scavenger list of objects they have to find and let them at it. For example, if you’re getting married at a barn wedding venue, you could have them search for outdoor objects like a leaf or pinecone.

Task 5: Decorators

You can also include children before your big day by asking for their help in creating DIY crafts for your décor. They could help you put together wedding favours, create table place cards, or put together decorations like a table centerpiece.

Task 6: Kids Table Colouring Session

At the kids table (which is always a fun way for children to mingle at the ceremony) include special wedding gifts for them such as a wedding-themed colouring packet with a bundle of crayons and some other accessories. It’s a great way to keep them occupied while the adults unwind after the ceremony.

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