Currently Craving: Middle Eastern Food

TravelBag have created this awesome interactive map of Dubai’s restaurants and have challenged me to choose some Middle Eastern food to create so before I tackle the actual cooking one day soon I thought I’d have a scout round Pinterest and see what lovely recipes I could find.

I love this kind of food anyway and I had similar whilst I was in Greece, they’re a fan of the pitta bread and Shawarma style of chicken which I really like. I’ve made falafel, a classic Middle Eastern snack, a few times and it’s actually so easy. All you have to do is blitz up chickpeas, spinach, feta, spices and flour in a food processor and form small patties of the mix before you fry them off.


Some other amazing recipes that I want to create is Chicken Shawarma with houmous (hummus? I don’t know!) and pitta, Turkish kofta and Mejadra – a Middle Eastern rice dish. These lentil bowls also look amazing.

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