Cook Your Way To A Healthy Smile

Today I’m working with Simplyhealth to improve the nation’s dental health purely by adding a little bit more healthy food into our diets! They’ve created a really useful infographic all about which foods are great for dental health.

To work towards this cause, I received an organic food box containing a whole load of yummy stuff to create some healthy recipes from. There was chicken legs, pork sausages, celery, apples, mature cheddar cheese, semi-skimmed milk, baking potatoes, summer spinach (which by the way is HUGE), walnuts and some Brazil nuts. An awesome load of healthy food to kick off my week well. I love to eat and I aim to eat a pretty balance diet of mainly fresh, home-cooked food with the occasional naughty pizza.

I created two recipes with this organic food box to fuel me through my Sunday. A hearty bowl of porridge made with organic milk and topped with walnuts and a chicken and Mediterranean veg hot pot with cheesy mash.

For The Porridge

I created my porridge with everyday oats, chia seeds and linseed all mixed together with semi-skimmed milk. Topped off with blueberries, walnuts and a drizzle of honey, this was a really nice Sunday morning breakfast.

 photo IMG_8461_zps6n1poqjq.jpg
 photo IMG_8466_zpsha7lbgh9.jpg

For The Chicken

I adapted this Jamie Oliver recipe for my chicken dish and popped an onion, two courgettes, an aubergine and a handful of cherry tomatoes into a roasting dish with some seasoning – just garlic and herbs and a little bit of chilli. I popped the chicken legs on top and roasted at 180 degrees for an hour. In the meantime I mashed some potatoes and added some (OK, a lot) of the mature cheddar. Served with some wilted spinach, this was my finished dish!



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