How To Be Prepared For Christmas!

This year I’m feeling pretty happy with myself as I’ve bought quite a lot of gifts already and I think I’m almost ready for Christmas! I thought I’d put together a few tips and tricks for how to make sure you’re ready for pressie giving and not rushing around on Christmas Eve getting stressed when you should be sitting on the sofa covered in mince pie crumbs.

Go Online

My gift-buying habits usually include a lot of online shopping, this is probably tip number one. Online shop for what you can, this can make things a lot less stressful as you can do it as and when you want to, with or without a glass of wine in hand. Plus, online you can always get loads of deals or at least cash-back for some of your purchases.

Wrap It Up

Wrap in stages. You think wrapping sounds fun but when you’ve been sat there for an hour and you’re covered in glitter and your back hurts, it’s not as fun as you first thought. So, top tip, either wrap a few bits every night on the lead up to Christmas until you’re all done or just buy gift bags and loads of tissue paper! I think this is going to be my plan of action this year.

What To Buy The Person Who Has Everything!

I’m sure you’re feeling like you have no idea what to get some people, I know I was. Buying an experience, either a spa day, a trip out or even theatre and concert tickets can be an awesome present. Another great gift idea for the person that has everything is something edible. I love presents I can eat so why not grab them some fancy biscuits, a cheese hamper or some of their favourite wine? They’ll appreciate that much more than a gift they don’t need!

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