How To Tackle Christmas Gift Buying

We are rapidly approaching the big day yet most have yet to tackle the task of gift buying. If just the thought of pounding the pavements to look for inspiration leaves you stressed, then sit down with a cuppa and read on. I’ve put together a strategy for working out the best way to get the Christmas shopping done. Try categorising your gift recipients by character or interest, I’ve found it really helps. 

Sporty and Active

For those in your family who love getting out there, chances are they’ll love some gifts to promote an active lifestyle. Look for things like soup makers or smoothie blenders to help them eat healthily. You can also check out beauty and grooming sets that help reinvigorate or revitalise. For someone close, why not treat them to a fitness watch so they can record their activities on their smartphone? Why not book a tour of their favourite sports stadium to meet the team?

Arty and Crafty

There are some really good craft stores about at the moment. You can find lots of ‘make-it’ kits for things like hot water bottle covers, greetings cards, or storage solutions. Artists’ kits are popular too. If your beloved is always working in watercolours, why not get them a book of beautiful prints to aspire to? Supplies or how-to guides are always a good choice too. Perhaps you can invest in a master class or two?

The Entertainer

For those who love to perform or love the theatre, there are plenty of options. Tickets for a West End hit show will probably be a delightful gift for a fan of the musicals. A recording session for singers can also be the hit gift of the year. Singing or instrumental lessons can help take the pressure off your gift list too. A favourite movie or TV show on Blu-Ray could be exactly what they were hoping for.

The Woman Who Has Everything

Mums and Grans seem to have everything they could possibly need already. Are you fed up with buying bath bombs and knitwear for the women in your family? Then you need something fresh and new.When it comes to unique gift ideas for her, your Mum should be able to help you. Find out what gizmos and gadgets are coming to the end of their usefulness. Replacing old things with newer models can be the perfect gift for those who already have everything.

The Kids

All of us have children in the family, but when they’re not our own, it’s really hard to know what to buy. Asking their parents isn’t always the solution. Instead, sit and watch an episode of their favourite TV programme. The adverts will give you a pretty good idea of what they would like for Xmas this year! 

Hopefully, I’ve given you enough ideas to find your Christmas gift inspiration this year. 

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