Revolucion De Cuba Pre-Opening Night #MoveToCuba

I’m always wary of ‘opening nights’ as usually they’re not actually as good as the restaurant or bar would be as they were actually operating in my opinion. I’ve been to my fair share of press nights that have been a disappointment where you leave hungry and having only had one watery cocktail. Revolucion De Cuba has completely reincarnated my enthusiasm for press events after their event this week. Pretty damn awesome!


There was seemingly unlimited amazingly made cocktails and food and the entertainment was amazing. When we arrived we were treated to some tasters of food and some lovely drinks and then were taken on a tour of the building which is huge and seriously grand. Next, a cocktail making masterclass was on the menu where we all got involved and created some tasty drinks. Following this was a really cool traditional ‘blessing of the dancefloor’ and a Salsa dancing class where the Sheriff of Nottingham was throwing some shapes on the dancefloor.


Following the Salsa dancing we headed down stairs for dinner and had an amazing buffet with chilli, rice, vegetables, meatballs and more! The food was great and there was still generous free-flowing drinks which was fab. A massive thank you to Revolucion De Cuba for this amazing event, I was seriously impressed.

The bar and restaurant itself was absolutely huge with three bars, the main one as you walk in surrounding the restaurant was really bright and airy. The second one up some stairs was darker and more intimate with a cool dancefloor and the third one was a lot smaller and had a great vintage feel to it. I’ll definitely be heading here on my next night out in Nottingham and I recommend you all do too!


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