NEW: Revolucion De Cuba’s Latin Inspired Cantina Menu

In the middle of winter, there’s nothing better than walking into a warm and welcoming bar and being handed a Cuba Libre cocktail. This is basically a Cuban Bacardi & Coke, it’s so refreshing and fruity – the perfect drink to take you away from rainy Nottingham on a Tuesday evening. Revolucion de Cuba are releasing their brand new Cantina (menu, to you & me!) and it’s 100% latin and Cuban inspired, we couldn’t wait to try it.

But first, we were whisked away for a quick Salsa masterclass and rum tasting with Appleton Estate 12-year-old rum. I always love when events have a little something extra and Revs de Cuba definitely do this so well. We sat down to taste the new menu at 7pm, packed with tapas dishes, a few mains and a dessert to finish.

First on the menu was tapas and the head chef Dominic talked us through each dish. We started with Cauliflower Wings, lightly fried in Mojito batter and served with a goats’ cheese and honey sauce. This was amazing and I’d love to eat this again but it’s priced at £4.50 on the menu which I think is maybe a little bit expensive for three florets of cauliflower. We also tasted some glazed chicken wings, sardines that had a lovely garlic salt on them but were pretty fiddly and to top it all off, our favourite tapas dish was the Pork & Chorizo Quesadillas. These were so, so, so tasty – smoky and cheesy and right up my street!

I have to say, it would have been completely fine if all of the tapas dishes were served at the same time, we had four tapas dishes and they were all served separately and it took about an hour to get through them all. In future, I’d prefer to have all the tapas at once, as if you had ordered them off the menu because it’s a great experience and it took far too long to eat them all separately.

By the time we got onto mains we were definitely ready for something hefty and we really enjoyed the Flaming Albondiga Burrito, it could have done with some more fresh flavours inside the burrito as it was really rich but it was delicious. It tasted a little bit like a Mexican/Cuban lasagne which was different. We also tried the Whole Flash Fried Sea Bream, the meat on the fish was really delicious but again, it’s served as a full fish, head and all and I know some people aren’t too keen on seeing eyeballs on their plates! I wouldn’t order this because it’s too fiddly to really relax and enjoy. A vegetarian main that I really liked was the Sweet Potato & Bean Burger, this is served with guacamole in a soft bun and it was really comforting and tasted great. I am partial to a vegetarian meal sometimes so I’d definitely order this!

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Finally, the dessert was a Churro Cheesecake which really wasn’t my thing. The churros were cold and I think even I, as a cheesecake hater, would have enjoyed it if the churros were warm. The rest of my table didn’t seem to mind this dessert though, so don’t take my word for it on this one if you’re usually a cheesecake fan!

I think the best thing about Revolucion de Cuba has to be their awesome cocktails. They’re really exotic and inventive and take you straight away to somewhere warm and sunny! There are definitely meals on the menu that I would enjoy if I went back to eat. I really want to try their Cuban sandwiches so you’ll definitely catch me at Revs on a Saturday afternoon.

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