Top 5 Tips For Applying Fake Eyelashes

I have a love/hate relationship with false lashes. I love wearing them and how they look but I hate putting them on and I don’t think I’m ready to commit to full on lash extensions yet.

Does anyone else get the lash fear? You’ve done all your make-up and you need to put your lashes on but the fear sets in. What if they don’t go well? Your lashes end up all sticky and mascara just doesn’t go on right afterwards. Then, will you have to take off all of your make up and start again? It won’t look right. The drama continues. Here are 5 tips to make sure that you beat lash fear and look fierce instead!

1. Go Small & Delicate

I really like to keep my lashes as an enhancement, not a full on showcase on my face. You won’t catch me wearing multiple pairs like a Geordie Shore cast member. I love to keep them natural but still pretty. These¬†Kiss Lashes in Pretty¬†are long and thick enough to make an impact but they won’t look too obvious if they’re not 100% even whereas thicker lashes can look really odd if they’re not exactly symmetrical.

2. Corner Them!

If you’re really new to lashes or like a really natural look then individual lashes can be a nice way to ease into lash-wearing. Just pop 3-4 sets on the outsides of your eyes for a fluttery look. These also avoid the awkwardness of having to apply a strip lash perfectly.

3. Prep Your Lashes

I always curl my lashes an apply a really thin layer of mascara so the lashes blend into my natural ones a bit easier. I also apply a thin swish of eyeliner as I usually wear a cat eye flick just in case I can’t go over the lashes completely once they’re on. Don’t apply too much though and make sure that you let it dry completely before you attempt to put your lashes on!

4. Trim Them Down

Most strip lashes will be too long for your actual lash line so don’t be afraid of trimming them down and taking a few bunches off the edges. I always have to take 2-3 lashes off the ends so that they fit my lash line better.

5. Don’t Be Hasty!

A recipe for eyelash disaster is applying your glue straight to your lashes and then trying to stick them straight on. You’ll need to let the glue dry until it’s tacky and then you can pop them on and they won’t slide around too much. Try applying them with tweezers if you find it too fiddly with your fingers.

I hope these tips and tricks help everyone with a little eyelash fear!

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