6 Ways To Celeb-ify Your Getting Ready Routine

There are so many reasons why you might want to push the boat out while getting ready for a night. Maybe it’s your birthday or your best friend’s hen party? Whatever the reason, it’s fun to act like a TOWIE cast member and get ready just how the celebs do. It’s possible to pamper yourself without having to hurt your bank balance as well. As long as you have plenty of time, you can follow these steps to get ready for a night out like a celeb!

1. Spas and Treatments

Celebs love their time relaxing in spas so, if possible, book a couple of hours in your nearest the day of your big night out. It will help you get in the mood for hitting the town and gives you a chance to clear your head of any stresses and worries. The range of beauty treatments on offer will also help you look your best. You could even take a friend along. It’ll be the perfect opportunity to have a catch-up and gossip!

2. Book a Beautician

Whether you go to a spa or not, you could also book a beautician. A Mobile Beauty Therapist can help you really nail the look you want. You never have to struggle with a smokey eye all on your own again! 

3. Manicure

Don’t forget about your hands and nails! After all, you’d never see a celebrity without a good old manicure! It is very possible to give yourself a manicure at home if you already have all the right products. Otherwise, simply book an appointment at your local nail bar. Manicures can be very cheap and don’t take too long to do. If you have enough time, you could even treat yourself to a pedicure on your feet!

4. Blow Dry

Nothing beats a salon blow dry. However, if you can’t spare any time for visiting your hairdresser, it is easy enough to fake a salon style at home. The key is to prepare your hair with plenty of products. You need lots of heat protection spray to save your hair from drying out! When blow drying your hair, you can give it as much volume as you like. The bigger it is, the more A-list you’ll look!

5. Killer Outfit

Now that you’ve sorted your hair, nails, and makeup, you need to nail your party outfit. A little black dress is a classic look and perfect for any event. From a formal cocktail party to a catch-up with the girls in your local. You can make it more stylish by pairing some chic heels with it. To go really glam, accessorize with a fancy handbag and some glitzy jewelry!

6. The Teeth!

Another thing to keep in mind when getting ready to go out is your teeth. Click here for the best at home teeth whitening kits Top9Rated found recently.

Now that you know how to get ready like a celebrity, you’re sure to have an unforgettably glamorous night! A perfect reason to get your phone out for a selfie!

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