The Kitchen Of Dreams?

If you follow my blog or me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my recent living room overhaul and how my love for cushions is kind of taking over my life. Well, it was, until Ugly House to Lovely House came on the telly recently and engulfed us both in the need for a completely new kitchen that’s way above our wildest dreams. Now, I’m all about the kitchen – come at me, new challenge! I’m talking moving walls, metal accents, tiling, steel and all the industrial light fittings. That’s the dream.

Obviously, we live in a rented house and giant extensions and skylights are a little bit out of our budget and what our landlords would probably appreciate but we’re allowed to do little bits and bobs to the kitchen design. We’re always looking for inspiration and I’ve got a Pinterest board full of ideas. We love kitchens that look clean, industrial and fit for purpose, essentially, I want IKEA + industrial kitchen + loads of green plants. My idea of hell is a ‘country’ kitchen with too much wood, clutter and floral tea-towels.

With kitchen dreams come kitchen moodboards so here’s my major inspiration and a few products that I’d love to include. I’d love my kitchen to look like the inside of Foundation, a coffee house we discovered in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I’m also obsessed with Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup’s kitchen – it’s super beautiful.

Some Charles Eames style white chairs are first on my list and these bargains are from Amazon and come in at just under £25 each. Being me, I’ll also want some (OK, a lot of) things that are totally ridiculous. I mean, they’re things that have a purpose but are probably fancier versions of usual stuff. For example, this Oliver Bonas Copper Wire Recipe Book Stand is just beautiful and is obviously a necessity. As is this paint-dipped Marks & Spencer spoon – who doesn’t need this? I’ve also already purchased this John Lewis Pineapple Chopping Board because, duh, it’s a pineapple shaped chopping board and it’s amazing. Along the same theme is this super cute H&M Monkey Print Tray, for when you need a tray, which is always. Finishing touches have to include some plants and these IKEA Cacti are the cutest. I also really love spider plants in simple IKEA Socker Metal Plant Pots, I think it looks really effective! What’s your idea of a perfect kitchen?

Industrial style kitchen by BRICKS Studio

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