90% Say No To Nutrition Plans

I love a good statistic about health and fitness and I was so surprised when I saw this infographic and it said that 90% of people from the survey (around 250 people, I believe) said that they didn’t follow a nutrition or eating plan in conjunction with their gym training plans. Why? If you’re planning your training or even just training ad-hoc there’s no reason why you shouldn’t want to eat to the best of your ability too and get the best out of your efforts.

I followed a calorie controlled diet 5 days a week but this doesn’t mean that my diet is boring. I only eat the same meal more than once a week if I’ve got leftover dinner for my lunch from the night before. Of course, I don’t eat a tailored plan every single day of the year but I try to hit my macros 5 days out of 7 and then relax things on the weekend. By relax, I mean in terms of not hitting a specific protein/carb/fat macro number and having a slice of cake with my coffee if I fancy it.

Another stat I was shocked by was the fact that 80% of people don’t research their gym-wear before they buy it. If I’m going to invest in some kit or trainers for the gym that I’m going to wear on the regular, I want this to be great quality and know that the fit will be good and most importantly, my leggings won’t be see through!

What do you think? Would you research your gym gear before you bought it and use a nutrition plan or are you a simple get up and go type-o-gal? (Or guy!)

Average Joe Fitness And Gym Survey 2016 - Anax FitnessĀ 
Infographic from anaxfitness.com

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