10 Tips To Boost Interior Design

Do you sometimes feel like your home decor is lacking something? Maybe you want to jazz up your home but you’re not entirely sure what to do, I definitely get this feeling sometimes. Here are 10 tips to make your interior design better than ever!

1.Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall is a really quick and effective way to make your home decor better than ever. There are so many things you can do. You can just pick a pot of coloured paint if you like, and have the wall stand out from the rest that way. You could use wallpaper, or even paint a mural. We went for a bright blue wall in our living room with a whole bunch of frames. 

2. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Does your home look a bit dull? You might not even need to do anything serious to the place. Perhaps all you need is a fresh coat of paint to brighten the place up. Doing this once every so often will bring your home back to life.

3. Get A Professional In

If you aren’t confident in your own decorating skills, get a professional in to do the hard work for you. An Artisan painter will be able to make your home look professionally decorated all over. They allow you to use the paints you want to use, but can recommend lots of different brands and colours depending on the look you want.

4. Make Pinterest Boards

Make a Pinterest board so you can see what kind of styles you like the most. A Pinterest board is a great way to see any recurring themes or styles that you like so you can decorate your home accordingly. Check out mine here!

5. Search Vintage Shops and Antique Fairs

Vintage and antique stores will carry lots of junk, but they can also carry lots of hidden treasures too. If you buy one or two things from an antique store, you’ll have unique things to place around the home and give your house an original style. We got our coffee table from a vintage fair for £14 and it’s one of my favourite pieces of furniture. 

6. Add More Texture

A house without texture looks dull and one dimensional. Take a look around and see if you’re using enough texture in your home. Maybe you could add a faux fur throw or a rug to jazz things up a little. 

7. Swap Things Around

By having a simple furniture change around, you can change the whole look and feel of your house. You can do this by taking into account the rules of feng shui, or you can simply do it your own way.

8. Come Up With A Theme

Why not come up with a theme to help you decorate? A theme will keep you on track when it comes to buying paints, papers, and ornaments.

9. Show Off Your Personality

Make sure you show off your personality in the home. You want people to know it’s yours when they come in!

10. Add Life

Add life by using colourful fruit and plants. They always perks things up and makes your decor look better!

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