How To Give Your Home Italian Flair

Interiors and home design are one of the most important aspects of any architectural creation, and Italy is without a doubt one of the primary inspiration for designers worldwide. It is renowned for its centuries-old industrial and artisanal excellence and whether you like Old World traditional Roman style marble creations and Baroque Byzantine colonnades, not to mention  the warmth and comfort of traditional Tuscan wooden furniture complemented with iron chandeliers, copper vases and pots set in a harmonious traditional setting-  or rustic Sicilian interior designs blending Greek Doric, Gothic Renaissance, and Arabesque architecture and decor, you don’t have to look too far to find what you are looking for. As the centre of the Mediterranean, since Greco-Roman times Italy has benefited from over 3000 years of cultural interaction with the main protagonists in Mediterranean history and extended its knowledge of architecture and design to incorporate Old World decor into modern styles that carry the legacy and splendor of the past.

vitra chair

The use of renewable resources and respect for the environment form a major aspect that has also furthered the popularity of brands such as Vitra, whose collection can be found at major online stores like Shop Mohd, which offers the greatest collections by internationally renowned leaders in architecture and interior decor. Vitra’s wide selection of interior design furniture and accessories, which rely primarily on the artistic aspect to give an edge to their contemporary and traditional value, gives you a unique opportunity to create a stylish and elegant, modern home without forgetting about tradition, or the importance of artisanship and the ancestral history it carries. Eco-sustainability has been central to Vitra’s mission since its inception in 1950- and a vital component in their commitment to create durable and long-lasting pieces of furniture, using wood, copper, and other renewable resources.


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  1. I love this post! I have only visited Italy once, last summer, but it was the most remarkable and beautiful place- I saw Rome, however would love to visit the smaller, more quaint areas too. I shall definitely be inclined to add a bit of Italy into my home! X

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