What Type Of Coffee Drinker Are You? #UKCoffeeWeek

You’ll know by now that it’s UK Coffee Week until the 17th which is supporting growing countries such as Rwanda and Ethiopia through the vibrancy of coffee culture! We love coffee in the UK, you literally can’t walk 20 paces without seeing either a chain or an independent coffee shop in Nottingham, where I live. I’m sure we have 4 Caffe Nero branches within our one town centre as well as two Starbucks and a couple of Costas.

My favourite coffee shops in Nottingham have to be the independent shops though, the coffee is yummy and I love the interiors and atmosphere in smaller coffee shops. I’m a Sunday coffee drinker, we always like to pop out on a Sunday afternoon and find a new favourite place to sit and enjoy a cappuccino. I’m also a home coffee drinker and we have a cute little coffee machine in our kitchen, it’s so much nicer than instant coffee and I really like the treat of having a barista-style coffee at home. What type of coffee drinker are you?

HOF Coffee Stats_OUTREACH-v3

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