4 Life Hacks Every Grown Up Girl Needs To Know

Being a grown up is hard. The daily struggles of being an adult mean nothing until you have to make your own doctors appointments and do your own washing up. Here are three life lessons that I think are super important to being on the way to adulting properly.

1. Meal Prep

I’m not going to lie, I do enjoy meal prepping and having all my food set and ready for the next few days. My meal prep on a Sunday usually consists of one big one-pot meal such as a chilli or a jambalaya and a few snacks like my Cheesy Egg Muffins, falafels or my new favourite berry oat bars (recipe to come soon!). This makes sure I’m not hitting the shops every lunch time and wasting the pennies as well as eating purely Milkybar buttons.

2. What Tyres Your Car Needs

Yep, car stuff. Something I literally couldn’t care less about but if my car doesn’t work or I have a flat tyre, we’ve got a problem. I know car maintenance is important but I’ve just never really had much interest in it unfortunately but I do know I should! I was super impressed when I found out I could just find out what tyres my car needs online just by popping in the registration number into Point S. Lifehack number 2!

The AA recommends that you check the tread depth on your tyres (the gaps between the bumpy bits to you and me) regularly and aim to replace your tyres before the tread wears to below 2mm.

3. Budgeting

Ugh, money. Sucks having to pay bills and buy unbranded Coco Pops, right? Budgeting really helps to make sure that you’ve got the cash that you need to buy the shizzle you actually want and not just the stuff that you need. Make a list of all your outgoings for the month, take them away from your incomings and you’ll be left with your disposable income. Divide this by 4/5 weeks and you’ll have weekly spends! Boring, but works and doesn’t leave you panicking before pay day.

4. Doing the laundry

Nobody likes doing the laundry, so these hacks will make things go smoother. It’s always a great idea in winter to putting your clothes another high-speed spin cycle. Even the best washing machines leaves around 45% of water behind, so another spin will help your clothes dry quicker. Another great hack for drying is putting clothes hangers on your washing line and then peg clothes to them.¬† That way, when it rain you can grab all the clothes hangers a lot quicker. It will also mean you can get more clothes on your line, too!

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