Mixing Up My Routine With Teagime

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trialling a new range of teas from Teagime which is a fully personalised ‘teatox’ programme that has been tailored to me. I’ve never, ever been a fan of the cliched ‘detox tea’ packages that every blogger, Ex On The Beach and Instagram influencer promote that are probably laced with laxatives and therefore lead to that super-flat belly look by way of making you, basically, flushed out. I’m not into this type of teatox so I am sceptical when tea brands try to break into the market and work with bloggers.

2016-04-19 18.45.39

Teagime contacted me and offered me this super cool personalised tea regime which has different teas for the morning, the afternoon and the evening. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all package that’s just looking to make millions, it’s a unique mix of teas based on your personal taste and health needs. When you sign up to Teagime you answer a number of quick questions on your health, what flavours you like and more. I chose achieving radiant skin and having increased energy as part of my health benefits as well as the fact that I have cold hands and feet! I chose fruity and minty as my preferred flavours and was sent the No More Cold Feet range.

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My favourite has to be the afternoon one so far but the evening one is super relaxing and great for before bed. One of the things that I really, really like about Teagime is the funky silicone tea bag. I mean, look at that! It’s amazing. You pop your dry tea leaves into the tea bag and then simply pour your hot water on top. You can then leave it to steep for as long as you like and then simply rinse the tea bag afterwards, it’s such a great idea. I’ve tried Teami Relax blend and I did enjoy the tea itself but really didn’t like drinking out of a beaker with a filter in it, it wasn’t relaxing at all. I much prefer using a mug and feeling like it’s a proper cup of tea.


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