6 Reasons To Eat At Thaikhun

I’m a big Thai food fan but have only eaten in traditional Thai restaurants until Thaikhun and it’s arch rival Zaap landed in Nottingham. Let’s forget about the chaos of Zaap for now though because this post is all about the chilled out Thai dream that is Thaikhun.

1. The Atmosphere

Thaikhun is decked out like you’re in the back streets of Bangkok but without being noisy, chaotic or grubby. It’s obvioulsy not truly authentic but I much prefer the character of these street food style restaurants to the more regal feeling traditional Thai restaurants.

Thaikhun 1

2. The Cocktails

The weekend = cocktails, right? I love Mojitos and this coconut one caught my eye straight away, I had to try it. It was so good, I’d head back to Thaikhun just for one of these bad boys. If you like coconut and you’re partial to a Mojito, you’ll love this. Luke tried the Phi Phi Bellini which is prosecco topped over mango and passion fruit puree, so fresh and sparkly!

Thaikhun 9 copy

3. These Prawn Crackers

A million times crunchier and tastier than your average prawn cracker. Enough said!

Thaikhun 8 copy

4. The Sukumvit 38 Platter

We always like to share a starter like this because it means we get to try more things and this is an awesome starter to get a real taste for Thai food. It includes salt and pepper squid (one of my favourites in any restaurant!), tiny soft fish cakes that were really delicious and zingy with a coconut edge, chicken spring rolls and honey pork. My favourites here were the squid and the fishcakes.

Thaikhun 6 copy

5. Grapes In Your Curry

I had the most amazing duck red curry with pineapple, cherry tomatoes and grapes with Jasmine rice, it was super sweet and I love fruit in savoury dishes so this was right up my street. Luke tried the classic Pad Thai with chicken and extra prawns and this was so tasty (I obviously tried some!). If you find menus like this a bit intimidating and you don’t know what to go for, head straight for Pad Thai, it’s a Thai classic and is super filling but flavoursome.

Thaikhun 4 copy   Thaikhun 7 copy   

6. Green Pancakes For Days

For dessert, I tried the traditional Thai pancakes which are filled with an equally green custard and served with ice cream and cream. These are amazing! I wouldn’t usually have a dessert after a Thai, Indian or Chinese meal but this is a must-have. I might even sacrifice a starter for this which is saying something for me as usually I’m more of a savoury person than a sweet one.

Thaikhun 2 copy

If you like restaurants like Turtle Bay and Wagamamas then Thaikhun will definitely be up your street. I absolutely loved it, we’ve been to Zaap, another Thai street food restaurant in Nottingham which was good food but not as tasty as Thaikhun. The atmosphere in Zaap is super authentic and a lot more chaotic than Thaikhun so it depends on what you’re after for your night. We much preferred Thaikhun for a date night location because it’s a lot more relaxed and you can take your time between courses. Also, we’ve heard that Zaap won’t serve cocktails on a busy night which kind of sucks! Overall, we loved Thaikhun and would definitely head back here for a date night soon. Awesome food, great service, and the coconut Mojitos are something else!

Thaikhun 10 copy

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