11 Props Every Blogger Needs

This is by no means a photography masterclass. I’m constantly working on my photography and feel like it’s improved but I know I’ve definitely got a long way to go with it. One thing I’ve learnt along my blogging journey, if you could call it that, is the fact that props are everything. We may not all be blessed with gorgeous apartments, marble kitchen work surfaces, and amazing light all the time but you can fake it ’til you make it with the addition of some seriously good props.

1. Novelty Chopping Boards

These are fab for food and drink shots, obviously! Even if you don’t display your food on them they can work really well in the background. I’ve actually got this Pineapple Chopping Board from John Lewis and I absolutely love it, I use it all the time in my food posts.

2. Plants & Flowers

Another obvious but these just brighten up photos and make them look so fresh. Cacti, succulents, and ferns are all easy to look after plants that look super cute in photos but you can also try faux plants that look just as good. Flowers are also one of my favourite things to use in the background of photos too.

3. Marble & Metallic Anything

Unless you want to move away from blogger-isms, marble and metallic anything always look awesome in photos. This Marble Tray is supposed to be for ‘bathroom accessories’ and it would just look so pretty for beauty shots. I’m also obsessed with this H&M Gold Stoneware Mug, which is fab for food posts too.


4. Soft Furnishings

This John Lewis Flamingo Cushion is just so bright and pretty. It’d look great in the background of photos or even for a backdrop for more zoomed in beauty shots.

5. Stationery

You can use notebooks as another background idea for close up photos or simply use them or other bits of stationery as accessories in photos. I love this Paperchase Palm Print Notebook! Stationery, in this post, totally includes phone cases. I’m obsessed with this Avocado SkinnyDip case from Topshop.

6. Candles

Either lit or just for decoration, candles look super cute. I like the simple candlestick style ones from Tiger or you can go metallic with this pretty Paddywax 12oz Candle in Copper Casing.

Props 2

7. Dishes, Bowls & Trays

Perfect for food and beauty posts, dishes, trays and bowls are the perfect vessels for holding smaller items. Why not try piling up nail varnishes in a pretty bowl instead of lining them up for a new take on beauty shots? This Sass & Belle You Are Awesome Dish is a cute example of a dish that you can just use as an accessory in pics too.

8. Prints

Whether in the background or as a base for close up photos, prints and pictures are really versatile. I can’t get enough of this Frenchie Print.

9. Books

The same goes for books as prints! Either stack them up in the background or use them as backgrounds. Coffee table books such as the Lonely Planet Best Places To Be Today are perfect for this.

10. Sunglasses

Pop them next to your coffee or brunch and you’re set!

11. Boxes

Stack ’em up, fill them with goodies or just use them as a background, they’re so verstaile too.

Props 1

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