Cookie Dough Protein Overnight Oats Recipe

I’m usually an egg and bacon kinda girl but on occasion, when I fancy a sweet breakfast I reach for the oats. Oats are a little powerhouse, low in calories, fat and high in slow releasing carbs. They’re also amazingly versatile. I love porridge when it’s cold and overnight oats during the summer. This is my favourite overnight oats recipe at the moment, it tastes like healthy cookie dough and it’s amazing topped with fruit.

Oats 5

I like to make a bigger batch and have two portions so this will either make one giant portion or two reasonably sized ones perfect for breakfast or a snack before hitting the gym. I’ve added protein powder to this to give my macros a little boost but it works fine without if you’re not that way inclined.

1 ripe small banana (about 60-70g)
40g porridge oats
10g cacao nibs
20g Chia seeds
10-15g vanilla whey protein
100ml of any milk

Mush up your banana with a fork and then simply add in all your dry ingredients and milk and mix together. Leave overnight to set and in the morning you’ll have perfect overnight oats. You can then either heat them up by adding a little extra milk over the stove or in the microwave or eat it cold!

225 Calories
9g Fat
22g Carbs
11g Protein

Oats 2

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