How To Chill Out This Summer

The summer time can be a busy time for the old social life because it’s just so much nicer to get out and do things but it’s also important to find time to relax. I also find that I like to work out a lot more in the summer months because it’s lighter, brighter and obviously a lot warmer. But, this means I’m definitely a lot more interested in trying to chill out and rest up if I’ve been killing it in the gym when temperatures rise!


Sometimes you just want to chill out and relax but perhaps get away from the lure of the telly which pretty much always comes with the sofa and sometimes you don’t just want to get into bed at 3pm in the afternoon. Well, sometimes you do, but that’s a different story… Staying indoors on a hot afternoon can be a welcome break if you’ve been outside for a while and it’s always nice to just chill out and read a magazine or a book. I love reading on my iPad and that’s always tricky in the blazing sunshine so this little reading corner is perfect for sunshine breaks and when the British summer weather doesn’t quite match up to expectations.


I’ve been wanting to create a little reading corner come chill out station for a while and have finally got around to it in my spare room. It’s not 100% finished and I definitely want to paint the walls a light grey colour, replace our blind and also get some extra storage but we’re well on the way to a lovely relaxing room. I chose the Rochelle Lloyd Loom Tub Chair from DFS to kit out my office with a chill out corner as I wanted something bright that felt light and not too heavy. The material of this chair makes it feel almost holiday-like and really fresh. DFS is actually the official homeware partner of Team GB and will be on hand to help athletes rest and relax in the run-up to and during the Games. If I was an athlete at the Olympics I would be all over sitting on the sofas in between the events!

DFS 1 copy

I dressed my new chair with a classic IKEA throw, new John Lewis sale bargain cushion, our super cute vintage table, ASDA sale wire baskets and a few other little knick knacks! I’m a bit obsessed with my new chill out area so this is definitely where you’ll find me this summer if I’m not running around at Crossfit or sunning myself in a beer garden.


Thanks to DFS for my Rochelle Lloyd Tub Chair. DFS are the official homeware partner of Team GB at the Olympics.

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