Top 4 Barcelona Brunch Destinations

Brunch is big business in Barcelona! We found that breakfast, brunch, and lunch were super easy meals to find great places to eat but dinner was a little more difficult. That said, here are my top 3 (& a bonus doughnut place) eateries in Barca for an amazing brunch. Whether you love a healthy brunch or a giant stack of pancakes I’ve got something for you here.

1. Flax & Kale

First up is Flax & Kale, this place is the first of the Instagram-perfect places in Barcelona. With cold-pressed juices, avocado on toast, organic everything and a million and one acai bowls, this is an amazing place if you’re into your health, nutrients, and fresh food. I screenshotted their Instagram for the image below as we had a simple toast and coffee breakfast here but the setting is beautiful, the food looked incredible and the food that we had, simple as it was, was lovely. It’s not too pricey but expect to pay up to €6 for a cold pressed juice but only about €1.50-3 for a coffee. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch or lunch, give Flax & Kale a go!


2. Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake is part of a group of cafes in Barcelona, they have a beach and a city centre location as well as cupcake shops and more! Brunch & Cake is perfect if you’re really hungry for some amazing fresh food. The hero image of this blog post is my scrambled egg, guacamole, feta, salmon and houmous seeded bagel, served with a wedge of watermelon, as you do. This was incredible and just as amazing as the avocado on beetroot houmous bagel below served with bircher muesli and fruit salad. The portion sizes here are absolutely massive so you could almost definitely share something like the bircher muesli below because it’s that big! Everything is super fresh and the flavours are great here. It might take a bit of getting used to having everything you order served with fresh fruit but personally I loved it.


3. Milk Bar & Bistro

Not into the avocado on toast trend? I ate a hell of a lot of avo in Barcelona but by day three I was after something super sweet and classically ‘brunchy’ in my opinion. Enter, Milk! Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, you’ll need your Google Maps to find this place, Milk is a dark and cosy little place that is all kinds of delicious. Luke had the American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and I went for the French toast with yoghurt, forest berries, syrup and topped with pistachios. This was literally amazing, I haven’t had French toast this good ever! Plus, these two meals and two coffees cost us just under €20 which was a steal as far as a city brunch is concerned.


4. Chok Chocolate Kitchen

If you’re just fancying a grab and go breakfast and you need a chocolate hit in the morning (or afternoon or evening!) then Chok is the place to go. With Cronuts, normal doughnuts, double doughnuts, Nutella filled everything and handmade chocolate it really is amazing. Look how gorgeous they are!


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