Jam & Oaty Bakes For #BritishFoodFortnight

Today’s post is a quick recipe update of my Strawberry & Banana Oaty Bars which are a go-to snack for me at the moment! They’re super comforting, great with a cup of tea and come in at just over 100 calories per bar. I’m whipping up a batch every weekend right now as they’re so easy to take to work for snacks and are super tasty but this week I decided to give them a bit of a decadent edge with the addition of some Butterfly & The Bee jam in Apricot & Amaretto flavour. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. I’ve replaced the chia and strawberry jam with this delightful jar of sweetness and they’ve turned out pretty well! I’ve also upped the oat content to 100g instead of 80g and replaced the instant oats/oat flour with oat bran and they’ve come out much more solid each time I’ve made them this way. A definite improvement.

I made this recent batch for the Macmillan Coffee Morning last week, hence the cute flags! It’s also just coming to the end of British Food Fortnight which is all about celebrating our home-grown produce and these preserves come straight out of London! I’ve also tried the Strawberry, Basil & Lime flavour and that’s equally as tasty!


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