5 Autumnal New In Beauty Loves

October equals autumn and autumn equals new beauty essentials as far as I’m concerned. These are my five fresh autumnal products that have crept their way into my routine for this month. Spoiler alert, I already love quite a few of these so I might just re-use this as my October favourites but don’t tell my blog schedule…


First up is a pair of body care products that I didn’t think I’d get on as well with as I am. Joan Collins (yep, actual Joan Collins) has released a little range of body, makeup and skincare products and I’ve been trialling the I Am Woman Dry Oil Body Polish. I featured the REN Skincare body scrub in my September favourites and this is a little drier but still as perfectly scrubby. I don’t think it leaves the skin as soft as the REN scrub, personally, but it’s a lovely product to use before a soak in the bath or an indulgent shower.

The other product from the Joan Collins Beauty range is the Ten Effects Skin Treat & makeup Fixer¬†facial spray. This is something you can use as a toner after cleansing or after makeup as a fixing spray and it’s nice to take the powdery edge off base makeup. The spray is quite strong and would work better as a mist in my opinion but I like the product and I’ve been using it every day since I received it. Finally, all the packaging for the Joan Collins range is stunning, it reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury and Burberry packaging – gorgeous!


Two makeup products that I’ve added (& re-added!) into my collection is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper and Browcote – the eyebrow equivalent of Lipcote. Let’s get straight into the eyeliner of my dreams. This is my second Kat Von D liner and it is by far my favourite eyeliner I’ve ever used and I’ll probably only ever use it now. Plus, it’s just landed in Debenhams and it’s so much easier to get hold of now! I actually picked up this limited edition one in Sephora whilst in Barcelona and it has fancier packaging than usual. The easiest to apply, the blackest colour and the longest lasting. Fave!

Browcote is the ultimate brow tamer. I always like to use a brow mascara or something to set them after I’ve used a pencil or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade. I’ve been using Wunderbrow for a while but that’s finally running out so Browcote is my replacement and so far, so good! It’s definitely been keeping my brows in check and it’s only about ¬£7. Another plus point is the size of the product, it’s really small and that’s what I like. It won’t bulk out my makeup bag and won’t dry out before I get chance to use it all.


Finally, a haircare product! I love trying new hair care and I’m definitely going to need this Wella Colour Recharge Toning Conditioner in Warm Red this month. I picked this up when I had my colour change at KH Hair at the weekend and I’m definitely going to need it as I’m technically still blonde underneath my colour at the moment and the fade is going to hit hard!

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