3 Steps To The Perfect Parisian Home

In the words of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, Paris is always a good idea. And it really is. However, if you can’t catch a plane right now, don’t despair. You can bring Paris to you with a few simple home makeover tricks. The following tips will help you get au fait with the French capital style.

1. Shabby Is Chic

Against the opulent backdrop of Parisian architecture, many a starving artist has wiled away their hours painting pictures and composing poems in cramped apartments and ramshackle cafes. There’s a certain charm in wear and tear that still manages to look good. Achieving this style in your home is easy. Arrange a contrasting set of paintings on your dining room wall or put some mismatched cushions on your sofa for an eclectic, thrown-together feel that oozes cool. You could also add a vintage mirror to your bedroom or a distressed coffee table to your living room to get that aged but á la mode look. Remember that for all the shabbiness, though, there’s no such thing as being too elegant in Paris. Just check out the French style furniture from crownfrenchfurniture.co.uk for a taste of how ornate you can get with your shabby chic choices.


2. A Woman’s Touch Is de rigeur

According to the writer Angela Carter, Paris is a woman. Indeed, there’s no doubt that the city has a particularly female feel, from the decorative architectural style to the glamour of the catwalks. There are many ways that you can help your home get in touch with its feminine side. Choose floral prints, lace throws and delicate curios. For the bedroom, consider a chaise longue. With its curves and embellishments, no piece of furniture is more alluring or more feminine. When it comes to colour, combine soft pastels and gold with white walls for an instantly delicate and refined look that screams sophisticated French woman.

3. Something Old, Something New

Paris is a city of juxtaposition. The traditional and the modern seem to work together in perfect harmony, from the medieval Notre-Dame Cathedral to the ultra contemporary Louvre Pyramid. Mixing the old and the new in your home gives you the chance to show off your favourite styles from different eras, resulting in a home that is very you and very Paris. For example, don’t be afraid to pair an avant-garde chair with an elaborate 18th-century dressing table. Or how about adding some leather bound classic paperbacks to a 21st-century bookcase for a cultured but quirky feel. Get creative throughout the ages for that oh là là chic.

You may not be strolling along the Seine or sipping vin on the Champs-Élysées right now, but these little tips will help you feel like Paris is a little bit closer to home.

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