12 Ways To Have A Side Hustle

Working a full-time job doesn’t mean that you can’t earn extra income. It may seem impossible, but there are so many ways! Working full time is hard, but we can always make a little more time than we think. Try these tips for extra time and then we’ll get on to how to make some extra cash later.

5 Ways To Have More Time

1. Batch cook meals that can be frozen so you always have extra portions readily available. Less time cooking = more time hustling. 

2. Schedule yourself some time in the diary to make some extra money, learn something new or even just relax, and stick to it!

3. Get sleep! Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep so productivity is at a maximum.

4.  Wake up a little earlier. Even 15 minutes will allow you to get more done, feel amazing and therefore feel you can conquer the world. Even if you just fold the washing and put it away before you go to work you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something before you’ve even left the house. 

5. Do something you enjoy at least once a day. This will make it feel more like fun and less like more jobs!

The joy of boosting your income is that you can choose something you are passionate about to do alongside your full-time job. Here are several side hustles you could think about!

7 Ideas For Side Hustles

6. Writing – Have you ever wanted to write a book? Well, self publishing has now made it extremely simple to write a book and get it out there. Or, just write a blog and you could start to earn from sponsored posts and advertising. 

7. Trading – This can be done from the comfort of your own home and you do not need to carry any stock to begin online trading. Jump on eBay!

8. Make – If you’re crafty you could make your own products like cards, jewellery, prints and drawings to sell. Enjoyable to do and so satisfying when you sell something. Instagram is a great platform for this as you can showcase your bits and pieces for everyone to see. 

9. Temp – There are many job search engines such as Jobrapido which will help you find temp jobs or vacancies in different sectors and industries. You could try something different!

10. Teach – Online courses or tutoring allows you to share your knowledge with others.

11. Develop websites – If IT is your strong point then designing websites or applications is a good option.

12. Pet sitting – People love their pets but also love going away. Rewarding and fun work if you love animals! Plus super cute if you can’t have your own pet for reasons like renting your property.

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