2 DIY Gift Ideas: Edible VS Creative

With Christmas on the horizon, pennies are definitely tight for everyone. Even though we know it comes on the same day every year, it’s still a big expense! I think it’s impossible to properly budget for Christmas because you just don’t know what’s going to pop up and need paying for. That being said, DIY gifts are a great way to cut costs over the festive period. They’re also fun to make and will definitely make your friends and family smile.

1. Homemade Sweet Treats

Something edible is always an amazing idea for a gift. I love any gift that I can eat! One of my favourite, super quick gift ideas is my berry chia jam. You can use any berries for this, a mix would be super tasty but strawberries make the sweetest jam without adding any artificial sweeteners. This recipe is from my Strawberry & Banana Oat Bars (you could try and make those if you don’t fancy just giving jam!) but it’s so easy. All you need is chia seeds, honey and berries and some small jam jars or storage jars from somewhere like IKEA or Wilko. You could even recycle your own jam jars throughout the year, save them all up and fill them with your own jam in December. Easy!

Cookies, brownies and biscuits are obviously also an amazing choice for a Christmas gift. Check out my almond, raisin and cacao cookies recipe for a clean option or jump onto Pinterest for some seriously indulgent recipes.

2. Creative Keepsakes

For example, you could try knitting your bestie one of those amazing mermaid blankets or a cute throw if you’re feeling adventurous. I also love these DIY Marble Dipped Mugs that I found on Pinterest (the holy grail of Christmas, obviously). Something homemade and crafty is always a great gift as the receiver knows that you’ve obviously taken time to think about what they might like and then taken the time out of your day to actually create something for them. I always think something useful is a great gift and someone will always need a blanket and always need a mug!

DIYs by The Sweetest Occasion

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