Red Dog Saloon Nottingham Review

When I heard we were getting a Red Dog Saloon, right opposite Rub and just down the road from the epic Red’s True BBQ I did wonder how they’d manage to differentiate themselves from the smoky competition but after taking a trip last weekend I can safely say it definitely has a space in Nottingham’s meaty market.


It definitely feels different to both of the other BBQ restaurants, it’s less industrial than Red’s and that’s kinda cool. Rub just feels like a children’s birthday party to me so I never eat there anyway but I know a lot of people like it. Red’s is where you want to go for a proper dirty burger, a beer and if you want to leave smelling of smoke but very happy. Red Dog Saloon is a bit more of a date location and it would also be cool for parties because they do some pretty great strawberry and blackberry frozen margaritas! They also do Happy Hour on beers and margaritas 5-7pm which is an awesome deal. I still absolutely love Red’s but Red Dog Saloon is definitely different and they’re not really comparable. I see them as totally different things.


When I went along to check it out I had the amazing Southern Belle Southern Fried Chicken Burger with American Cheese, Smoked Bacon & BBQ Sauce. This was so, so juicy! Chicken burgers can lose a lot of the juiciness but this was amazing, really tasty and I actually loved having gherkins and salad on my burger for the first time ever because it actually really complemented it. The Punisher was also on the menu, which is 2 3oz beef patties, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Pulled Pork (or pork butt as it said on the menu hehe) and American Cheese too! This looked amazing and I tried some of the pork and it was really tasty.


We settled on a mega feast of sides of normal French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Smoked Ham Mac & Cheese and a side of Coleslaw. In hindsight, a massive mistake because we were both so full we couldn’t finish out puddings but I just like to try a variety of things. I was super impressed with the Sweet Potato Fries and the Smoked Ham Mac & Cheese. I’m not usually a mac & cheese fan because I find it really bland and boring but it really was so tasty.


For dessert, we tried the Oreo & White Chocolate Mud Pie which is served with a super cute raspberry shake and the Ice Cream Sundae which is a mix of three flavours of ice cream (you have to try the Brown Butter & Pecan, it’s amazing!) with cherries, brownie pieces and whipped cream. I loved my sundae, it really was so yummy, the ice cream was really good quality, not your usual bright yellow cheap vanilla stuff.


I would definitely go back to Red Dog Saloon, the food was great, I quite liked the atmosphere and it was nice to have had BBQ food and not leave smelling like an actual BBQ. The cocktails were actually amazing, the frozen blackberry margarita was something else! The staff were friendly and helpful but the food came a little too quickly. It was great, hot enough and tasty but sometimes I like to wait a little bit for my food so, even if it’s not been, I feel like it’s been cooked fresh. If you like a good burger, beer, cocktail and ice cream, head down to Red Dog Saloon and give it a go!

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