4 Alternative Christmas Gifts

It’s official, we can 100% talk about Christmas now because we’re well past Bonfire Night and there are no more specific holidays or events to come before the big C. Yes! Well, I’ve already started my Christmas shopping because I like to spread the cost and I like to pick things up, as and when as I see them. How do you shop? Are you a last minute shopper or a ready-since-August kinda person? Either way, I like to get a few off the wall gifts when I’m shopping for my family and friends!

Alternative gifts are perfect for the person that has everything. Simply, pick something that they’re into, maybe it’s food, make-up or gardening etc and then, think outside the box. Would they want to grow their own, or try something new or have an experience based on something they like as opposed to the standard shower gel gift set? Probably!

1. An Experience

There are so many experience day companies out there that you will always be able to stumble upon a spa day, track day or a hotel stay for a great price. I mean, if someone wants to buy me an Afternoon Tea, that’s totally OK. We always get an experience day or two for Christmas and we love them because it gives you something to break up your day to day weekend ruts that we all get into without feeling guilty about splashing the cash.


2. A Goat!

Yeah, seriously. They’re so cute and you can completely change someone’s life with a charity gift from Oxfam GB. Charity gifts start from as little as £5 and go all the way up to £50 which is how much a couple of goats will cost you to donate, on someone’s behalf to someone that really needs it. These goats are life-changing to families living in poverty as they’re healthy and ready to produce milk for the family to live off or even sell. And, their poop will boost the family’s other crops! This gift also includes business training for poverty-stricken families so they can learn what to charge for their goat’s produce and more. Plus, you get free chocolate coins at the checkout so, what’s better than that?


3. Something Actually Useful

What about buying someone something that they’ll actually use? What about supermarket vouchers so they can have their big shop for free for a couple of months? Or, if they’re always spending their cash on protein powder or a specific moisturiser, get them a job lot of that! They’ll be grateful of the fact that they’ll save money and they’ll appreciate that you haven’t tried to get them something fancy that you might not like or have chosen yourself.

4. An Edible Gift

I mean, something that can be eaten is always a winner? Do you feel like it’s not a proper gift because it doesn’t last? Wrong! Edible gifts are the best because they’re a treat and they don’t impose on someone’s life as much as a vase that they hate but can’t tell you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Want something a bit different than a cheese & biscuits hamper? What about Make Your Own Chorizo? Yep, make your own sausage. They’ll love it! Unless they’re vegetarian.




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