Review: The Titanic Hotel Liverpool

When a hotel room is at least 3x the size of your flat you know you’re about to have a great night, right? The Titanic Hotel Liverpool suites are absolutely ridiculously huge and beautiful and we had an awesome time. We paid for a standard room which looked incredible in itself but we managed to wangle an upgrade when we said it was our anniversary. I mean, if you don’t ask, you don’t get and we just thought we’d try it!


So, we had a living room with three sofas, two window seats overlooking the docks, a dining room (what?), a kitchen with coffee machine and a fridge bigger than mine at home, a toilet on its own and an ensuite (with separate bath and shower) connected to the bedroom with the biggest, softest bed ever!


The only thing we’d say is that there was perhaps too much space. I know, how? But it was just massive! We were probably just a bit shocked as we’re definitely not used to hotel rooms this big. Also, there aren’t any lights in the ceilings, the rooms are lit purely by lamps which created a cool effect but also means you can’t see to do your hair or makeup at all!


Overall, I’d definitely recommend staying at the Titanic Hotel Liverpool if you’re after a little luxury. It’s located only a 10-minute drive away from the city centre, we got a couple of Ubers and they were around £5 each so it’s not too bad seeing as parking in the city centre can be around £8 for 2 hours.  The staff were all fantastic and there was a lovely rum bar and restaurant located within the hotel so even if you don’t want to go out, it’s fab!


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