Coast To Coast Nottingham Review

Having my tea out is one of my favourite hobbies. Yep, eating out is definitely a hobby, it’s 2016, I can claim that, right? Our latest trial was Coast To Coast in Victoria Centre, Nottingham. The all-American inspired restaurant is supposed to give you a taste of anywhere in the USA that you’d want to visit. Now, I don’t know really how authentic things are because I’ve only been to New York for a couple of days so I’m just going to rate it on the usual benchmarks…


1. How Tasty Was It?

We went straight in for the mains and had a Buffalo Chicken Pizza, sweet potato fries, the Chicken Fajitas and they also brought us out some Cajun Chicken Skewers that were apparently ready too early for another table. I was so glad that the Cajun Chicken Skewers made their way to our table because the chicken in my fajitas had absolutely no seasoning on it, I thought it would be spicy and smokey and fuelled by paprika which is how I see fajitas but, I could be wrong. I used the cajun chicken in my wraps instead and it was so tasty. I’d definitely recommend the Cajun Chicken Skewers, the marinade was amazing, but I’d say to upgrade the normal fries to sweet potato ones because the fries were comparable to KFC of Wetherspoons fries. Not skinny enough to be addictive and not thick enough to be satisfyingly chunky. (#FriesChat)

The pizza was super tasty and we took half of it home to eat the next day for lunch. The base was super crispy and there was a good amount of cheese.

Something that I would recommend was the A Twist On A Spritz cocktail which was a mix of an Aperol Spritz with Prosecco. Amazing!


2. What Was The Service Like?

Amazing, the front of house guy was wicked, so friendly and charming and just an all round cool guy. Our waitress was also lovely and attentive. Our food took longer than we thought to arrive but I expect this was because they were trying to really get it right, which I appreciate.

3. Was It Good Value For Money?

For the pizzas, yes! But, for everything else, I’m not sure. For around £11 the pizzas were priced fairly, but, the fajitas were £16.45 and I thought this was way too expensive for a small unseasoned chicken breast, some veg and packet sauces. The skewers were also £16.45 and I thought that was expensive again for a chicken dish. I’d expect to pay nearly £17 for a steak or a prawn dish but not chicken. A classic burger is £12.45 and doesn’t even come with cheese! Our bill came to just under £50 for a cocktail, a pint, a pizza, fries (£4 for sweet potato fries is a bit steep too) and the fajitas.


4. Would I Eat There Again?

I’d eat there again in a group or family situation but it’s not somewhere I’d go for a date night. It’s a great place to go if you want a wide menu to suit a few different people’s tastes but I’d probably always have a pizza if I was feeling like sticking to a budget because I’m not sure if the rest of the menu is worth the prices. I liked the atmosphere and the staff were fab but I just think I could get better food for my money in Nottingham as there’s so much great choice.


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