Why Staying In Is The New Going Out

I’m very much a home bird usually but recently I’ve been a bit of a social butterfly with so much going on. It’s the festive season, there’s always a lot happening around this time of year! But, saying that, I do love a good night in with my nearest and dearest. Whether it’s the girls or just my partner in crime, an evening on the sofa is sometimes just what you need when you’ve had a busy week at work.


Obviously, the perfect accompaniment to a night in is snacks. This time around I’m trying the new Butterkist flavours,┬áChoco Mallow, Salted Caramel & Coconut and Raspberry. This insane night in kit from Butterkist contained the most amazing popcorn flavoured hot chocolates from Options that I was absolutely obsessed with along with a little Now TV movie membership so we could watch a new movie on Sky whilst we chowed down on some tasty popcorn.


We should never feel bad or boring about staying in, in my opinion. Especially if you’ve got people that you love staying in with. With social media nowadays it can be so easy to get FOMO (fear of missing out, Mummy, if you’re reading this!), but people need to remember that Instagram and even Facebook sometimes are just highlight reels of people’s lives. They might have a glass of Champagne in their hand in that photo that you double-tapped but they probably moved on to single vodka & soda to save money after that even though it tastes horrendous. Think about it that way.


Forget the nights out, the hangovers and the expensive club entry fees, staying in with snacks is definitely the new going out this festive season! Grab your besties, some delicious treats and snuggle down with your favourite films.


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