Where To Eat In Liverpool: Bold Street Coffee

I’m always on the look out for tasty places for coffee, breakfast and brunch and when I discovered Bold Street Coffee in Liverpool it fast became my favourite place in the city. Hands down! I mean, I loved Slim’s Pork Chop Express for our evening meal but Bold Street Coffee was so good we had breakfast there twice in two days. I just couldn’t get enough of those scrambled eggs and bacon.

I like coffee but I’m not a bean/roast/grind snob so usually any old cappuccino will do me but Luke is really into his coffee and loved it here so I know that they made things properly here! The food was what really drew me in, hence why this post is Where To Eat in Liverpool not Where To Drink Coffee. They had an awesome menu with buttery mushrooms, avocado, spinach and loads more to go along with the classic eggs as well as porridge and some super food options and a cracking lunch menu. Check out their Instagram for a sneak peek!


Hero Image c/o @lukealexandersvarc

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