Boosting My Skincare Regime: Magnitone Precious Quartz Review

Adding technology into your skincare routine has definitely become seriously popular over the past few years. I mean, I saw a Face Gym when I was walking down the Kings Road in Chelsea when we last went to London. WTF is a Face Gym? Answers on a postcard plz!

What really are the benefits of all these gadgets and gizmos when it comes to skincare? Today I’m talking cleansing with my favourite new toy, the Magnitone Cleansing Brush. I’m comparing it throughout this post to the Foreo Luna because I’ve previously also owned this device.


On the Boots site, the lowdown on the Magnitone is:

“This Vibra-Sonic™ Facial Cleansing Brush effectively eliminates excess oil, dead skin cells, makeup and impurities from pores, whilst toning and improving the absorption of your favourite skincare products.”

So, what do I think? I think that the Magnitone Precious Quartz Cleansing Brush is one clever little brush. After loving my Foreo Luna for around a year it left me in the lurch and stopped working properly and stopped charging. This sucked and I never registered it for the warranty like an idiot so I definitely won’t be making that mistake with the Magnitone! I was stuck with just a humble flannel for my skincare regime and as OK as that is, I was felt a bit lost.


I’m not sure if it was 100% the fault of not using my Foreo anymore but my skin seemed to become a bit duller and started going through phases of being dry one week and super oily the next. The weather at this time of year definitely doesn’t help but I do think upping the anti on skincare helps to combat it. I’ve been using the Magnitone for just over a week now and I’ve had the inevitable breakouts when you start to really clear out your skin so I feel like better skin is just over the horizon! Here are some pros & cons for the Magnitone but overall, I’m loving it so far.




– It’s so easy to use, clean and dry. No-one needs extra hassle and this really isn’t any bother to use.
– Leaves your face feeling SO clean. I mean, so clean. I love the feeling of creating a proper lather on your face with your products, it seems like you’re really getting in there and drawing out impurities.
– Timer settings beep every 20 seconds which is really helpful, telling you to move on to another section of your face. I usually do each cheek and my chin/nose with 20 seconds each and then my temples and forehead with the last 20 seconds.
– The Magnitone is cheaper than some other alternatives on the market, it’s only £55 on at the moment and the Foreo Luna can come in at about £125 for the full sized product.
– Comes with a cute travel bag!
– 12 months warranty, will definitely be registering for this.
– Amazing wireless charger. It always worried me with the Foreo Luna that you had to plug something into a device that might not be 100% dry. With the Magnitone you just charge up a little charger that just has a USB port and then it has a magnet in it and just attaches itself to your device.


– The Magnitone is bigger than the Foreo Luna and therefore less easy to travel with f0r city breaks and overnight stays.
– You have to change the brush head every three months unlike the Foreo which is an added expense but you do get a voucher in with your pack to redeem on the site which is great.
– Takes a while to get used to not ‘scrubbing’ and letting the brush do the work.
– You have to remember to stand it up or hang it over something so that it dries properly but that’s just a habit to form!

Have you tried any cleansing devices or brushes? Let me know if you’ve tried the Magnitone!

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